Cambodia Joins the Madrid System

Cambodia joins the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks today, a system for streamlining the registration of marks across borders.

Rather than having to file a trademark application in each country, a brand owner can file a single application with their national or regional IP office, and then select which other countries it wants to register in. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of the process, as more than 110 countries are part of the system.

The Protocol comes into force in Cambodia on June 5, 2015. More information can be found through the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Please refer to Cambodia Trademark Registration for further information on the current process and requirements.

First Patent in Cambodia Granted

In conjunction with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, the first patent has been granted in Cambodia.

Less than two months after establishing a Memorandum of Understanding between IPOS and Cambodia's Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, and more than a 12 years after the introduction of Cambodia's patent law, the first Singapore patent was granted and recognised in Cambodia today.

The landmark event was marked by an exchange of the Singaporean application form and the Cambodian patent certificate between Senior Minister Cham Prasidh and Chief Executive of IPOS Tan Yih San.

"This is a momentous moment in the history of intellectual property cooperation between Cambodia and Singapore. The arrangement in an embodiment of ASEAN integration and greater harmonisation in the region to allow businesses to enjoy expedited patents protection," said Senior Minister Prasidh.

Mr. Tan Yih San added, "This collaboration simplified and reaffirmed two countries' commitment to better support businesses seeking cross-border investment in the combined market of more than 20 million people. We remain committed in forging a strong and interoperable IP system for the creators in both countries and beyond."

More information can be found in the press release from IPOS.

Register your Cambodian patent or industrial design through Singapore

Patent and industrial design applicants may soon enjoy protection in Cambodia by filing through the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, and vice versa.

According to the terms of a recent Memorandum of Understanding between the IPOS and Cambodia's Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, applicants may gain protection in both countries by filing through either country.

Although the Law on Patents, Utility Model Certificates and Industrial Designs was passed in 2002, to date no patent applications have been granted. The cooperation with IPOS should speed up the registration process, and result in the granting of the first Cambodian patent later this year.