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Trademarks are applied for and registered with the Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Commerce. Cambodia trademark registration allows for multi-class (or series) applications, though there is no cost advantage as the official fees are charged per class. Further, if one class of a multiclass application is provisionally refused, the entire application will remain pending until the refusal is resolved; it is therefore recommend against multiclass applications for Cambodia trademark registration.

Cambodian trademark applicants may claim a priority date under the Paris Convention; the Cambodian application must be filed within six months from the date of the earlier application and be submitted with a certified copy of the priority document.

The processing time for Cambodian trademark registrations is approximately nine months to one year to obtain the registration certificate, if there are no any rejections/oppositions from the trademark office or third party. This estimate is based on past experience, it may take longer depending on the workload of the trademark office.

Foreign mark applicants must be represented by a Cambodian trademark agent residing and practicing in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Domestic applicants, whether individuals or companies, may apply for registration themselves or retain a licensed agent to do so on their behalf. If an agent is retained, a power of attorney must be notarized by a notary public or certified by a lawyer. If the original notarized power of attorney is not submitted on filing, it can be submitted within two months of the application date, subject to additional fees.

Although Cambodia is not a signatory to the Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purpose of the Registration of Marks, nor the Vienna Agreement Establishing an International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks, it still follows these two classification systems for Cambodian trademark registrations. Class headings are not acceptable, except if the nature of the goods or services is clear. If the mark consists of, or contains figurative elements, these must be described using the Vienna Classification. Similarly, when the mark consists of or contains non-English words, the transliteration and the meaning are also required.

For further information on Cambodia trademark registration, refer to the Guide to Trademark Law in Cambodia.

Cambodian Trademark Application

In order to file a trademark in Cambodia, the following must be submitted to the Department of Intellectual Property:

  • Full name of applicant

  • Full address of applicant

  • 15 specimens of mark for each class

  • International classification, and goods and/or services specification

  • Certified copy of priority document, if applicable

  • Notarized power of attorney, if applicable

Cambodian Trademark Office Fees

The official fees of the Cambodian Trademark Office, as set by regulation, are:

  • Filing of trademark application: USD 40

  • Publication & registration: USD 65

Trademark Duration in Cambodia

Trademark registrations in Cambodia expire and renew according to the following timeline:

  • Initial 10-year term from filing of application

  • Indefinite 10-year renewal terms

  • Affidavit of use or non-use must be submitted in fifth year of registration

eFiling of Cambodian Trademarks

Trademark applications may be filed online through the Department of Intellectual Property's eFiling system ( This option is only available to domestic trademark applicants and to registered trademark agents (who may e-file on behalf of foreign applicants). An account with the Department of Intellectual Property must be created, and payment of the trademark filing and publication fees must be made through a participating domestic bank.

For more on e-filing in Cambodia, refer to "E-filing of Trademarks Launched in Cambodia")

Cambodian Trademark Search

To search for a trademark registration or application in Cambodia, the options are as follows:

  • Official trademark search with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce. A request must be submitted in person to the appropriate office, accompanied with payment of the official fee. The trademark office will issue an official trademark search report. Both a proprietor search and a similarity search are possible.

  • WIPO Cambodia Trademark Database ( Maintained jointly by the World Intellectual Property Office's Global Brand Database and the Cambodian Department of Intellectual Property, this offers users a free, online search tool. The information, in our experience, is fairly reliable, though discrepancies with the official, offline trademark database have been known to occur.

  • ASEAN TM View: ( The common trademark search tool of all ASEAN member states, the site provides a database of trademarks across the region. In our experience there is often a time delay between updating of the WIPO/DIP database and that of ASEAN TM View, and therefore should be used with caution.

  • Cambodian Department of Intellectual Property online search ( The Department of Intellectual Property's website offers direct access to the information in both the WIPO Global Brand Database and ASEAN TM View, though with a slightly different interface.

  • For further information on searching for trademarks in Cambodia, refer to "Trademark Search Options in Cambodia"

Cambodian Trademark News

Refer to our news center for complete updates on intellectual property in Cambodia

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Cambodian Trademark Laws & Regulations

Law on Marks, Trade Names and Acts of Unfair Competition

Sub-Decree on the Implementation of the Law Concerning Marks, Trade Names and Acts of Unfair Competition

Prakas (Declaration) on the Lawful Trademark Agent

Joint Prakas (Declaration) on Public Service Fee (Ministry of Commerce)

Announcement on Minimum Requirement for Mark Registration

Announcement on Recordal of License Contract and Franchise Contract

Announcement on Collective Mark Registration

Circular on the Acknowledgement of Exclusive Right in the Use of Mark

Prakas (Declaration) on the Procedures to Record an Exclusive Distributorship

Prakas (Declaration) on the Procedures for Registration and Protection of Certification Marks

Prakas (Declaration) on the Procedures for International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Protocol

Prakas (Declaration) on the Procedures for Filing Trademark Application Online

Joint Prakas (Declaration) on Public Service Fees

Intellectual Property in Cambodia

Intellectual property is very often a company’s most important asset. The Complete Guide to Intellectual Property in Cambodia provides a go-to reference for attorneys, business owners, and the interested public, covering all major forms of IP in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

With chapters on trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs, geographical indications and other forms of IP, readers will find a concise, complete, and up-to-date summary and analysis of current law and practice.