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Cambodian IP News.

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Intellectual Property Association of Cambodia Launched

This past Friday, February 12, 2016, the Intellectual Property Association of Cambodia, a new professional group dedicated to the development of IP in the kingdom, came together for the first time to elect a president and discuss the association’s future.

The event was held at the Ministry of Commerce, and attended by H.E. Mr. Var Rotsan, Advisor to the Ministry of Commerce, and H.E. Mr. San Sorphom of the Ministry of Justice, along with 40 IP agents and lawyers. The members elected H.E. Mr. Pich Ang, attorney at law, as the founding President to serve a three year term. A governing constitution will be submitted to the Ministry of Interior to establish the association. Further information, and a website of the association, will follow in the months to come. Abacus IP welcomes this important step in the development of Cambodia’s IP system, and looks forward to actively participating in the association’s work.


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