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Patent Drafting Trainings for Cambodian IP Agents

The Cambodian and Japanese patent offices recently began a series of trainings for IP agents in patent drafting, an important step in developing the human capital necessary for a fully-fledged patent system in Cambodia.

With Cambodia's recent accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the granting of the first Cambodian patent, as well as cooperation programs with Europe, Singapore and Japan, the Cambodian patent world has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. While patent filings have been submitted since the Law on Patent, Utility Model Certificate and Industrial Design was enacted in 2003, the applications are all based on foreign patents written abroad. This series of training sessions will prepare Cambodia's patent agents to write the highly technical specifications and claims of the patents themselves.

Attended by Abacus IP's Principal Pheng Thea, the first sessions on August 1st and 8th at the Department of Industrial Property of Ministry of Industry and Handicraft in cooperation with the Japan Patent Office and the Japan External Trade Office focused on claim drafting. Further courses will be held on advanced topics in the near future.


For more about patents in Cambodia, please refer to our Guide to Patent Law in Cambodia


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