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Covid-19 Restrictions Affect IP Offices in Cambodia

While the intellectual property offices of Cambodia have largely remained unaffected by the global pandemic, recent developments are restricting the operations of government agencies. In response to the rise in Covid-19 infections, on March 8th 2021, Prime Minister Hun Sen issued an order calling on government offices to stop activities or reduce the number of on-site employees for at least the next seven days and to work from home when possible.

The Department of Intellectual Property Rights previously requested registered agents to make use of the improved e-filing system for trademarks as much as feasible. The Patent Office has recently restricted public access to its premises, though submission and retrieval of documents remained possible by arranging an appointment with an officer at the building entrance.

The latest restrictions will foreseeably extend the processing time for examination and potentially delay the issuance of decisions. Further, in person mediation hearings at the Department of Intellectual Property Rights may be suspended until further notice.

As the cases of infections develop, restrictions may be lifted or reinforced; it is recommended to verify the current status of services directly with the relevant government agency.


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