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Government Announces Changes to Official Service Fees


The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (MISTI) recently issued updated public service fees for covering the areas of intellectual property rights under their purview (patents, utility models, industrial designs and plant breeder’s rights).

The changes are effective November 14, 2023, as follows:

 1.         Patent, Utility Model and Industrial Design Fee Changes


The government has made minor changes to the filing fees for patents, utility model certificates, and industrial design certificates. These changes affect the requests to change the name, address, or agent of the applicant, as well as the requests to forward the patent/utility model application to the World Intellectual Property Organization or the International Search Authority for substantive examination.


2.         Late Fees for Annuities


Further, MISTI has announced a late fee of 500 Khmer Riels (Approx. $0.12) per day for paying the annuity for patents, utility model certificates and breeder’s right within a six-month grace period.

3.         Plant Breeder’s Rights Fees Established


For the first time, the fees for registering and protecting Plant Breeder’s Rights have been established. While Cambodia promulgated the Law on the Seed Management and Breeder’s Right in 2008, until now the law has not been implemented. To date, the necessary request forms, filing fees, and application and registration procedures have yet to be established. With the new fee schedule, MISTI has set the fees as follows:


Official Fee (USD)

Filing plant variety application


Issuance of plant variety certificate


Publication of registration


Requesting corrections


Request for duplicate certificate



2nd to 5th year (per year)


6th to 10th year (per year)


11th to 15th year (per year)


16th to 20th year (per year)


21st to 25th year (per year)


Although the official fees have been set, the request form and implementation regulation are still pending and are expected to be issued next year.

 The complete fee schedule can be downloaded here (Khmer only).


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