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Cambodian IP News.

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Intellectual Property Databases of Cambodia: The Complete Overview

Trademark Databases of Cambodia

The records of trademark applications and registrations in Cambodia are publicly available through three websites at no-cost. However, users should be aware that the complete and official database is held internally within the Department of Intellectual Property Rights. While that information is uploaded regularly to the public databases, there is a delay in updating. This delay means the latest trademark filings are not included in these databases, and can vary from a few days to several weeks. Further, in our experience there can be slight inconsistencies between the public and official information. The prime example of this is the status of a trademark application - which is not consistently updated in the public databases and thus inaccurate. Caution is warranted in relying on these sources.

Which of these databases to use is largely a matter of personal preference. Each allow users to search via a range of criteria, as well as to browse trademark applications and registrations more freely. Often times users will want to export the information, and the options to do so via an Excel, PDF and text file vary. The websites also provide differing tools for viewing summary statistics on trademarks in Cambodia, as well as making graphs of such data.

Recommendation: While the ASEAN IP Registry is based off the same data, given the lag in updating, we would recommend using the WIPO Global Brand Database or Cambodia Trademark Database (DIP). For international registrations designating Cambodia through the Madrid System, use the Madrid Monitor.

WIPO Global Brand Database

Cambodia Trademark Database (DIP)


ASEAN IP Registry

Madrid Monitor

Covers only international registrations filed through the Madrid System, and thus cannot be relied upon for complete coverage in Cambodia. However, it is extremely helpful in that any notification of office action issued by the Department of Intellectual Property Rights regarding an IR designating Cambodia will be uploaded here. This is the only public source for such information.

Patent Database of Cambodia

The only publicly accessible patent information in Cambodia is through the ASEAN IP Registry and very limited through WIPO Patentscope. This only contains granted applications, and is still incomplete. The complete and official database is held within the Department of Industrial Property. The process of migrating the complete database online is ongoing, and will hopefully be completed soon.

Recommendation: Users should be warned that the ASEAN IP Registry is incomplete before relying on the information therein. Patentscope should not be relied on at all for reliable coverage.

ASEAN IP Registry


Industrial Design Database of Cambodia

As with trademarks, in conjunction with WIPO and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Department of Industrial Property of Cambodia publishes industrial designs only. Only applications accepted for registration are available - pending applications are not publicly accessible. The ASEAN Designview is no longer being updated, and we would expect it to be retired at some point in favor of the ASEAN IP Registry.

Recommendation: While the ASEAN IP Registry is based off the same data, given the lag in updating, we would recommend using the WIPO Global Design Database.

WIPO Global Design Database

ASEAN IP Registry

ASEAN Designview

Geographical Indication Database of Cambodia

While there is no specific databse for Geographical Indications in Cambodia, the list of GIs can be accessed through the same WIPO Global Brand Database and Cambodian Trademark Database as for trademarks. Users will need to use the search and filter functions to identify only GIs. The WIPO Global Brand Database contains only granted registrations, whereas the Cambodian Trademark Database also includes pending applications.

Recommendation: The Cambodian Trademark Database is more complete, as it contains applications as well as registrations. Because applications are so rare for GIs, it is unclear how often the databases are updated. Users needing a complete and up-to-date list should consult with the Department of Intellectual Property Rights directly.

WIPO Global Brand Database

Cambodia Trademark Database (DIP)

Copyright Database of Cambodia

The registry of copyright deposits is not publicly accessible, and only held internally within the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. In any case, such a database is not a complete record of copyrighted works - simply those that have been volunteerily deposited with the Copyright Office of Cambodia.


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