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Cambodian IP News.

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Intellectual Property Statistics in Cambodia

The World Intellectual Property Organization recently published its annual statistics report, World Intellectual Property Indicators. The headline story from the report is the dominance of China, and the importance of Asia more broadly in the intellectual property world. This is certainly true in Cambodia, where a very large share of patent registrations have been validations of Chinese patents under a recent cooperation agreement.

As reliable and current IP statistics are hard to come by in Cambodia, we thought we would republish the figures assembled by WIPO. The take-home is the dominance of non-resident (meaning foreign) rights holders - with Cambodians making up less than 20% of trademark applicants and not a single patent applicant.

It is also of note how few Cambodian businesses are taking advantage of international registrations through the Madrid System, with only one applicant being granted a registration. This despite benefiting from a 90% discount on the basic fee; we figure the demand for foreign registrations is just not there, as few Cambodian businesses venture abroad. This may change in the future, but for now, IP is mostly an in-bound field in Cambodia.


Total Applications: 159

of which resident: 0

of which non-resident: 159

Equivalent applications by origin: 10

PCT national phase entry - office: 26

PCT national phase entry - origin: 9

Total Grants: 56

of which resident: 0

of which non-resident: 56

Equivalent applications by origin: 1

Patents in force: N/A

Number of patent examiners (FTE): 3

Utility Model Applications

Total Applications: 13

of which resident: 0

of which non-resident: 0

Total Grants: 3

of which resident: 0

of which non-resident: 3


Total Applications: 12,200

of which resident: 2,416

of which non-resident: 9,784

Application class count by origin: 2,565

Equivalent application class count by origin: 2,705

Madrid applications - origin: 5

Madrid applications - designations: 2,353

Total Registrations: 10,710

of which resident: 1,572

of which non-resident: 9,138

Registration class count by origin: 1,626

Equivalent registration class count by origin: 1,680

Madrid registrations - origin: 1

Total trademarks in force: N/A

Total marks pending: 2,723

Number of trademark examiners (FTE): 12

Industrial Designs

Total Applications: N/A

Hague international applications - origin: N/A

Hague international applications - designations: 75

Total Registrations: N/A

Geographical Indications

Total in force: 1


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