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Online Filing of Trademarks Launched in Cambodia

A new online trademark registration system was launched today, allowing for faster and more convenient filing. The E-Filing platform can be used only for new trademark application, while post-application actions must be filed in person at the Department of Intellectual Property. This system is optional, as it will operate alongside traditional paper-filing in person.

According to the Prakas (Regulation) issued by the Ministry of Commerce on May 4, 2017, an applicant with permanent residence or principal place of business inside Cambodia can use this system. The applicant has to request in writing to the DIP for a user name and password. For foreign applicants, the system can only be used through a registered Cambodian trademark agent. The applicant or trademark agent can pay the filing fee via three cooperating banks (ACLEDA, Canadia and Foreign Trade Bank), which will also incur a service fee.

Once the trademark application has been filed, when the applicant is represented by an agent, the original, notarized power of attorney, along with any priority documents, must be submitted in hard copy to the Department of Intellectual Property within two months from the filing date. This system only facilitates mark application filing, the applicant or trademark agent must appear at the DIP to obtain the notice of provisional refusal, notice of acceptance and original registration certificates, as well as filing a response to the office action.


For more about the Cambodian trademark system, please refer to our Guide to Trademark Law in Cambodia.


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