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Patent and Industrial Design Fees in Cambodia Revised

The official fees for patent and industrial designs in Cambodia have been partially revised, according to a new regulation issued by the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation on 09 July 2020 and entered into force from 26 July 2020. The Prakas (declaration) on Public Service Fees makes a number of relatively minor changes to the prior fee schedule issued in 2015. The complete regulation is available in Khmer here.

The most important adjustment is an additional charge for the publication of patent and utility model applications. Previously the only publication charge was upon grant of the applications. A new fee for validation of European patents has also been introduced.

A further important change is the extension of the period of national phase entry for PCT applications. Previously the request must have been filed within 30 months of the priority date; from now on applicants have until the 32nd month, subject to an additional official fee.

Finally, the Ministry has eliminated late fee surcharges on official fees.

The revised fee schedule is effective as on 26 July 2020.


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