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Patent Filing Fees Increased in Cambodia

The official fees for filing patents in Cambodia, as well as those for utility models and industrial designs, have recently been revised upwards.

According to a new declaration on public service fees issued by the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, dated July 8, 2015, the patent filing fee jumps from US$60 to US$80 and for utility model from US$30 to US$40. A few other service fees have also been changed, the full list (in Khmer) is here.

Another significant change is that late fees will no longer be assessed as a lump-sum (currently US$10 per filing) but rather as a 2% surcharge per overdue month on the amount owed. This can only be paid during the six-month grace period, after which the IP right is considered abandoned (or the application withdrawn).

This declaration supercedes that of December 28, 2012. It's always best to check with the Registrar directly, or an agent who regularly practices before it, as the fees change from time-to-time.


For more about patents in Cambodia, please refer to our Guide to Patent Law in Cambodia


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