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National Committee for Consumer Protection Established

Following on the Law on Consumer Protection of 2019, the Royal Government of Cambodia issued a Sub-Decree on the Organization and Functioning of National Committee for Consumer Protection on 27 August 2020. The regulation aims to push and promote implementation of the law, and thereby encourage honest and fair business practices.

The National Committee for Consumer Protection (NCCP) is to be lead by Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, with other deputies and members from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the National Bank of Cambodia, the Directorate-General of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression (CCF) and the Council of Ministers.

The NCCP will be tasked with:

  • prepare and promote the policy and strategic plan related to consumer protection

  • propose the government checks and amendments to the law and regulations related to consumer protection work if necessary

  • request for advice or decision from the Royal Government on the implementation of the consumer protection law

  • check and find solutions in the case of regulations prepared by a regulator that conflict with the regulations prepared by other regulators

  • provide consultation with the consumer associations and organizations related to consumer protection

  • check and approve measures and other procedures necessary to implement laws on consumer protection

  • facilitate and collaborate and sign other agreements with other institutions, authorized regulators in various fields and development partners related to consumer protection work both nationally, regionally and within the international framework.

  • establish a working group to implement any specific work

  • check and solve any complaints or cases raised by NCCP related to consumer protection

  • give recommendations to the Minister of Commerce to determine dishonesty, send warning letters and also propose that the government set a date for a National Day for Consumer Protection

  • publish a warning in writing

  • consult and collaborate with competent authorities to define the content of the information for consumers


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